About Us

Nailed Kit has been providing high-quality of paints that is environmental friendly and safe from health since 1880. We started as a repacker of paint under the same brand, but later on developed our own colors and ventured into paint production.

Like everyone, we started only with a handful of colors that are mixed and much to achieve the right hue. But through the years, this is banished altogether as we created ready-to-apply paints of different shade of the original color. Today, we are proud to say that we already have 5000 colors in out collection and we are still producing more. Among these, more than a hundred is patented and Nailed Kit original.

Through the years of expansion, training and learnings of acquired by our specialists in other countries, possession of the most advanced technology in paint production, we are now the leading manufacturer of paints that are used in building constructions, house renovations, car redesigning, and more. We set the standards in the paint industry as the number one choice of every individual.

Due to our determination in serving customers, we also set the standards for customer service. We help our customers from the process of choosing the appropriate paint, up to the application of different layers of coat, and finishing. We provide them assistance regarding the right color combination and the right paint for whatever type of surface.

Through our years of hard work, dedication, and passion to our craft, we have time and time again been awarded locally and internationally. Among these awards include the Fastest Growing Company in the state, and the Most Trusted Brand for more than a decade straight. We are also a recipient pf constant A+ and 5 star rating in various sites. In lieu with this, we continue to keep up the good work we started and improve for the betterment of our craft.