A New Experience

Experience the wonders colors can bring in your life with Nailed Kit. We make your lives lovelier by providing you with high quality paints that are lasting, and environmental friendly.

Painting is basically the application of color or pigments to any solid surface to make it more appealing to the public eye. Nowadays, it is probably safe to claim that people cannot do away with it especially if they want anything to stand out.

Buildings and establishments use it for additional glamour. Homeowners use it for an added design to the interior and exterior parts of their home. Even their garage doors are painted in a beautiful hue that would attract a second look. Since paints could also resist dirts, and dusts that may cause damage to some parts of a building, it plays a valuable role to every household.

This is why, Nailed Kit has provided a long-lasting paint anyone can use to stand out in their community. Whether if you are planning to use it on walls, cloth, wood, glass, lacquer, clay, copper and concrete, it won’t let you down. Plus, it is even environmental friendly and doesn’t emit odors that may be harmful to your health.

Colors and expressions

Nail Kit also understands that colors, through painting, is a means to express feelings, emotions, and the personality of an individual. As such, we aim to provide only the highest quality of paints possible in the market. We also see to it that we have it all from base coat, up to the top coat for the needed finish that would intensify the beauty of anything it was applied to. Not only that, out paints also come in hundreds and thousands of colors to cater to any color you’ll ever need.
Budget is not even a problem since our paints are extremely affordable. It even covers any surface thoroughly, and dries quickly to save you from suffering from painstakingly long waiting time.
Now you can express your cheery ourlook with bright yellow walls. You can feel refreshed and at one with nature with any shade of green, or the calm of sea with a blue door. You could even have that vintage look by applying black and white ensemble in your room. Basically you could do any type of makeover you want with the availability of the colors in our paint, and its low price.

Tips and Professional Advice

Nailed Kit also values the welfare of our customers. As such, we aim to provide even the best customer service any time you call.

Confused of the different types of paint for different surfaces? Call us now and we’ll help narrow your choices down. We could even provide you paint samples to check if it is the right color combination for a room you are going to renovate. We’ll show you what complements what, and what colors fit together the best.

Experience colors like never before. Call your Nailed Kit specialists to know more. Discounts await you if you call today.